The Journey only begins; but repetition sees to its end (1)

Many times in life, we decide to take on new projects or make life defining changes; and after putting in some efforts for two or so days, we become tired and fall by the wayside (like the seeds from the parable of the sower).

I remember that as a young girl, I used to like staring at blank sheets of papers and I also kept pens very close to my heart-almost like hoarding them. Then when I am not staring at the blank sheets or hoarding pens, I make sure that a worthwhile interaction happens between the two; and for what it is worth, I would say that what they produce arouse in me some kind of jealousy.pen.paper

Jealousy because I realised that efforts by these two inanimate objects can produce something worthy of record; then something hit me,-had I continued to stare and hoard, this initial beautiful piece could not have materialised and should I return these objects to their resting places, this same initial piece could be all that my clean crisp sheets and beautiful ballpoint could ever produce.

But again, it is not in the place of the object to make the move, the onus is on me to pull my weight-thus the statement about a journey.

I read somewhere that; anything repeated for 21 days becomes a habit-little wonder, why I have continued to be mesmerized by one of the popular sayings of the year 2015 “We Become What We Repeat” (…and I still do not know its originator). What I am meaning in all of these is that, my journey towards writing this first piece started a long time ago but had I not repeated my resolve to finish it, you would not be reading it today neither will the many more after it, see the light of day.

Now all I have written is not the crux of the matter…

Just as I have struggled with writing this, I know many before me and many more after me who will struggle to bare their hearts on a sheet. I, for one, can say that I have come to understand myself-what gets me passionate enough to stop the ‘staring and hoarding” but can you say the same for yourself?

Many a time, we prefer to focus on the “I can’ts” and the many reasons to validate same  so as to shy away from limelight; but forget, that by doing so, we lose ourselves to procrastination and the opportunity to repeat the right thing(s)…to be continued.




Follow on  for Part (2) of The Journey Only Begins; but Repetition Sees to Its End.


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