What do you want to attract & what are you actually attracting?

I know they say good attracts good; In fact I did believe that (or maybe I still do, because I live by a self-imposed ‘good’ motto: Be Good Regardless…). With that, I ask myself, how much of yourself are you willing to give until there’s nothing left to give?

How do you define those deserving of your good: could it be because they can pay you back or because by being humans, they deserve to be treated ‘goodly’ regardless…

I go with, “because you’re human, you deserve to be treated “goodly” regardless…

But how do we define what is good?
Is it okay to be good to people’s faces and become something else when they’re not watching? (That’s pretence if you ask me), because in truth, our real character is reflected in the things we do when no one is watching.

Could your being good, be plain ‘matching ‘? (Matching being a situation where someone is good to another because they have received or are still receiving something from that person).

Much as these musings have kept me awake most nights these days, I’m learning to be careful not to force my standards on people but rather try to help; and I must confess that one’s willingness to help is not enough to help the other; can you guess why?

Pretence! That’s why. People expect you to wait on them while they make up their minds whether they want to get better or not; but give you no positive sign of improvement.
Making it look like you’re only as good as your presence which makes them pretend, so that the moment you turn your back they change skin to who they really are and prefer to be.

I agree, no struggle is easy and the struggle to kick a bad habit is much worse to conquer but I should resound to every one of us as we struggle with those unsightly habits that “battles are won when fought together”.

No one can help you win if they do not understand the nature of the war – and no matter the help you’re getting, there will be no progress if you continue to deny and not acknowledge the gravity of the losses you accrue while indulging in that habit.

I, for one am not left out, because I can tell of moments when I keep my lips sealed when I should have spoken.

So these days, I remind myself to practice “a little openness a day” with a constant reminder that a lot of the things we do in hiding reflect on the outside anyway; and it is that reflection that will determine if we will attract good or otherwise.


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