Gratitude for Friendship

Frankly, it is very easy for us to become ungrateful. The human desires are so unlimited that we expect to always have our way in all things and be attended to whichever way we turn.

Owing to our insatiable nature, we get carried away by the things we don’t have or the things that our friends forget to do for us; whilst forgetting the many that they have done and will still do from the abundance of their good thoughts and intentions for us.

I have always prided myself to be one who would always ask “what can I offer?” rather than “what can I get?” But sometimes, the human that I am kicks in and its fruit takes days to go away and I have noticed that there is an overwhelming energy associated with our expectations (positive or otherwise).

If our expectations are for self gratification, we become blinded to the needs of others and their efforts for us. On the other hand though, maybe we are also being considerate but the moment we begin to think of ourselves as the most considerate, we still fall victim of being consumed by the fire of self gratification.

I have repeated so many times to myself that I have been blessed with good people around me and that is my sole motivation for replicating the good that I have received.

I pray daily that I do not get carried away by my needs, frustrations & suspicions so much so that I forget being grateful to God for your existence.

I am eternally grateful for my friends; I hope you are too?


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