What’s your inspiration story?

I’m learning new things and this is not the regular saying. I am purposely learning new things (don’t ask me… can’t go into details)… but reality in the past couple of weeks has taught me that negativity creeps in on you and if not properly reigned in; leads to depression.

In the light of this, I’m making conscious efforts to know the moments when negativity is creeping up; and I have come to realise that it is at those moments when I am idle and seeking some unarguably selfish attention.

Now, I try to turn those self-conceited thoughts to people-centred thoughts.

So when I say I’m learning new things, I’m not saying it because I am reading about them but because I am experiencing them and working towards conquering negativity.

Summarily, I believe now when some people say that we can all author inspirational or self-help books, because, in one way or another, our lives are both inspiration and help to those around us.

Do you relate?


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