Giving Objectivity to Motivation

One day as I travelled in the company of some colleagues, I moved to buy a book(a motivational one), and my then supervisor gave a wry smile and quickly offered a reason for that, saying ” a lot of the things written, especially in the very popular ‘motivationals’ are common place knowledge, hence, if you take your time to document the things you do, they may be some form of motivation for the people around “. when he concluded, I genuinely smiled back and purchased the book anyway.

Truly, in reality, we must live our lives such that, we need not tell people who we are, but they can instantly see it, feel it, read it, emulate it, genuinely appreciate it, embrace it and work to be it (even better) if it is in consonance with who they perceive themselves to innately be.

All this story aside, my mind was piqued when I saw this picture, especially by the bold inscriptions ( Headline in journalism/media parlance) but the explanation that followed appeared one-sided to me.

True again! We are as good as the people we surround ourselves with but we must be playing a role in that committee of friends.

Are we just being sponges to soak in everybody’s goodness or we are like flowers that share their sweet essence and fragrance?

I am becoming increasingly aware that people are taking instructions or guidance from a selfish point of view, hence, once such motivation point is offered, they take it as a pat on the back to continue to pursue the interest of self.

Increasingly aware I am becoming still, that when we seek to pursue what interests self first, quickly do we abandon principles and the plight of our neighbour (except we find an opportunity to disguise as a good Samaritan)- So long and short, we only chase after the sugar like ants or become the “anywhere belle face kind of people”.

Yes, I want to surround myself with greatness, with positives but I am not going to look away from the “sincere lazies, sincere negatives, sincere struggling etc”.

P.S: The reason I used sincere to qualify, is to cater for those who are yet to find anyone to take them out of their limiting situation, especially when they are genuinely seeking.

I truly think we must strike a balance in motivation.


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