Corporate Communications

Kare Consult is reputable for tailoring its contributions to the specificity of individual requests and our solutions for corporate communications is not any different.

At Kare Consult, our solutions for Corporate Communications, take into consideration, the reality and nature of communications in our world today. From the innovations in technology and its resultant usage in Media: which has birthed what is now known as “The New Media”.

In essence, in servicing your Corporate Communications Need, KCL takes into consideration, a singular factor “branding” with which specific actions would be taken to fit the personality of your venture.

Kare Consult Limited offers the following:

  • Public Relations Management
    • Corporate Communication Planning
    • Communication Strategy Development
    • Staff Grooming
    • Knowledge Management etc.
  • Social Media Management
    • Information monitoring
    • Engagement Planning
  • Routine Training