Writing Coach

KCL Writing CoachAchieving success in all life endeavours is determined by our ability to project our thoughts and ideas convincingly; but in most cases and more recently too, expressions are being limited to vocal abilities.

With this gradual neglect of writing abilities, many are losing the zeal to write, while the other divide of the writing zealots are in most cases unable to stick with the writing rules-…and yes! there are rules differentiating speaking from writing.

Since writing is a life long action; relevant in all walks of life, there is need for continuous updating as well as guidance.

The KCL Writing Coach is here (virtually & Real-Time) to guide writers in varying writing projects from Academic Papers to Business Communications. This service rides on the availability of technology where consultations, continuous guidance and reviews are done via skype, phone calls and/or email exchanges.

Service Benefits

  • Private Consultation & Engagement: this is to ensure that writing solutions are not duplicated but adapted to individual client need
  • Instant feedback and effective two-way communication through emails and instant messaging
  • Feedback on document are properly highlighted for easy identification and tracing
  • Very affordable rates